Susan Gambale

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2020-10-10 at 01:49:38

Susan is a two-time surrogate and her last journey led to the birth of a baby Arlo in March 2020 just a week before covid shut down. Susan lives in Brisbane and her IPs are in Brisbane too. Susan has had two very different journeys, the most recent being for a beautiful couple Jessie Schuhart-McRae and Andrew  met through the Australian Surrogacy Community – they have become long-term friends. While Susan has had health struggles post birth, she, Jessie & Andrew have been able to maintain and even strengthen their relationship.


Many intended parents need to travel abroad in the coming weeks and months for the birth of their child(ren) via cross-border surrogacy. Chinese healthcare authorities now have the best understanding of Co-Vid-19, how it spreads and how to prevent this. Note that animals cannot spread the virus. If you are travelling to a high risk […]

Sarah Jefford

Australia’s eighth annual surrogacy & donor conference for intended parents for the first time had a whole day devoted to domestic surrogacy. A record crowd of 180 intended parents attended from around the country, to network,  and hear from experts, panels of surrogates, parents, egg donors, and donor-conceived children. The success of the event would […]

While many countries without access to surrogacy, many seeking to create biological family are venturing offshore. It has left some resorting to ‘unofficial’ traditional surrogacy, using the surrogates eggs and home insemination. Others have had a local friend offer to carry for them, and taken her overseas for the embryo transfer. For the majority, the […]